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Traditionally, people used towels, wristbands, tissues, or even their bare hands to wipe perspiration from their faces. Those items might be appropriate for wiping equipment or some of the surfaces, whereas, using them on the face causes cross-contamination since they require direct surface contact with hands, and they are normally kept in pouches, pockets, or bags, where germs could be present. AllSports head towel’s revolutionary design has made the impossible possible. Now it is possible for anyone to wipe sweat or dirt from their face without touching their towels.


The AllSports hooded towel transcends the common athletic attire. Its clever design includes a large hood, drawstrings, an opening in the hood, and strategically positioned pockets. The drawstrings help in keeping it in place while one is engaged in a workout. The opening in the hood allows long hair to pass through it to hang freely. The two pockets are strategically positioned to place hot or cold packs for directly compressing the Cervical and Thoracic Spine, which helps in soothing any pain or aches, and regulates body temperature after one indulges in sports for long hours.


The AllSports fashionable head towel comes in an exquisite variety of vibrant colors such as white, black, red, gray, blue, and tie-dye, a special edition - to meet everyone’s style. It enhances everyone’s look and makes them feel good about themselves so they can stay confident throughout the day. This edgy attire will turn heads wherever one goes.


This unique fitness wear is made of no ordinary fabric but a highly absorbent, premium-quality terry cloth, which makes one stay warm and dry throughout a run, workout, or any of the sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc. Sportspeople and gymaholics would love this new fashion as its contact-free fabric is baby-soft, cuddly, roomy, relaxing, and very easily fitted.


Customers could also custom design this breathtaking attire as per their needs. They could either engrave their name or represent their sports team by engraving its name or convert it into a fashionable PPE kit by attaching a mask with it. AllSportsHeadGear offers customizable options to fulfill customers’ satisfaction, and being creative with this sports attire would make it look even more incredible.


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