5 AllSportsHeadGear assorted colors

5 AllSportsHeadGear assorted colors

SKU: 5 Pack ASP

This revolutionary and fully customizable athletic towel remains easily accessible while you continue doing your physical activities.  It has a patent-pending  neck flap that provides quick access for heat and cold packs and an opening for letting your long hair hang,  The hood has a drawstring that helps keep it in place while you remain active and an open chest/breastplate that can be used to wipe sweat from the face, neck, back, and chest. The AllSportsHeadGear is a fashionable athletic towel that can be put on, or taken off in a matter of seconds and it offers the benefits listed below: 


  • Wipe sweat on the go

  • Help protect your head, back, chest and neck from cold

  • Help regulate your body temperature

  • Apply hot and cold directly to the cervical spine

  • It's a CONVENIENT alternative to a traditional towel

  • Multiple other uses! 


    AllSportsHeadGear is an elite athletic towel, that's fashionable and can be a part of your everyday clothing apparel.

    Care Instructions:

    Wash before first use separately, in cold water with light detergent, and tumble dry on low heat. Trim loose threads as needed to prevent fraying and unraveling.


    This product contains a drawstring.


    Accu Distributing, LLC only accepts returns on products with manufacture defects. 



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